Fine Glycerine Soap

We've been expanding our glycerine soap line. In addition to our original Hand and Foot soap we now have Sushi soap, Tamale, Buddha, Dragon, Sumo and Bamboo soaps.

Made with the highest quality natural ingredients: glycerine, vegetable oils, water, lanolin, moisturizers, emulsifiers, and ( if scented ) with essential oils; hand molded with TLC in our studio. All soaps are individually wrapped so they'll continue to look delightful and stay dust free long after their box is discarded (please unwrap before use).

Care of your soap; please store in a dry location. High temperature (above 120 degrees) will cause premature demise. For maximum soap life, do not leave your soap sitting in a puddle of water. Place on a small sponge or use a soap dish that drains water away from the soap after using.

Glycerine soaps are best suited for skin care as they are naturally moisturizing and will not dry out your skin.

No animal testing is involved, scent free except where noted.

Note that our soaps are hand made in small batches to bring you the freshest scent, this means that the color and appearance may vary slightly from batch to batch. Thus the soap that you receive may not exactly match the color you see on our site.

  • Our Sushi Soap "Menu"
  • Taco, Tamale & Pepper Soap
  • Buddha Soaps
  • Two piece packages
  • Dragons and Bamboo soaps
  • Three piece packages
  • Hand and Feet Soaps
  • Sumo Soap
  • Lucky Cat Soaps
  • Koi Fish Soap
  • Monster Soaps
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